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Delves for Donors would like to thank all who have helped us in the past, whether via our games or our raffles.   The current state of the world has taken its toll on my ability to get sponsors for this upcoming year. 

With no sponsors to help with the Raffles and Goody Bags, I have made the decision to call off this coming year.  If sometime in the spring I can get my sponsors to return, I will consider holding something.

Once again thank you to all who have helped so many families in the past.  With your help we raised over $9700 for HFA’s Helping Hands program.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You and I hope to roll dice with you all again soon.

Shawn Nease, Founder of Delves for Donors 

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Welcome Adventurers to Delves for Donors.  We are pleased to have you here  in our Halls of Adventure.   While you wait for the tables to open please check out our Host store at Critical Hit Games in Abingdon, Md.

What was that? What is Delves for Donors?  Oh my friend, it is only the Best way to gather your party, face the many forms of evil in the world…and Defeat them to Save the Day!!  Or for a better description, a 2 hour 5e D&D game, a set of Dice, a Pre-Gen PC to keep, and a Goody Bag.

Also while you are playing, you are Helping people in the Real World.  Delves for Donors is a Charity Fundraiser benefiting Hemophilia Federation of America’s Helping Hands program.  For a full explanation of this organization and their programs, please click this Link to visit their site.

Now that the Dwarves are mostly done, take a look around.  There is magic to be found around every corner…

Delves for Donors

Where Gamers Helping others is the Real Treasure