How we Found this Dungeon to Delve in

Back in 2014 I was part of a fundraiser, Beards for Bleeders, that was raising money for Hemophilia Federation of America’s Helping Hands Program .  I thought, I can grow a beard. In fact I grow a great beard.  This will be easy!

Well come to find out when you grow a beard every year for the winter, people don’t think its a big deal.

   “But it’s for charity this year?!”

And cue the blank stares.  So that really wasn’t going to work.  I made a few bucks for a really worthy cause.  I just felt like I could do more, had to do more.  Really, I had to make it up to my beard.  It’s feelings were pretty banged up.  Like I said it was a great beard.

That was when I had an idea, Delves for Donors.  I am a pretty good DM, my players keep coming back for more at least.  So I spoke with my local game store, Chuck’s Comics in Essex, Md. about hosting me as I tried this out.  They said sure, lets give it a try.

That started the mad dash to get everything in place, the games, the flyers, the prize support, and the Players.

Since I host my home game at the store many of the other gamers in there knew me.  Many of them liked the idea of getting into one of my games.  Players, Check.

In order to give the players a fun challenge, every Delve I ran would have to be unique.  Eight Delves created, Check.

Goody Bags and raffle items…well Raffle items were taken care of.  The bags were going to be a nice touch.  Note to self, make them better in the future Delves.  Bags and Raffle items, Check.

So with all parts in place we set the date, March, so it would coincide with National Hemophilia Awareness Month.  Our first year we were a bit ambitious and we did two Saturdays and one Sunday.

In the end it was all worth it as we raised $775 for HFA’s Helping Hands.

Oh and my beard, he was OK with it at the end.  He got to be in the picture.  That’s him on the left.

Shawn Nease [L] with Chuck Watson owner of Chucks Comics. Presenting the Delves For Donors Check for $775. March 2015