Delves for Donor 7 – The Lost Year


Thanks to everyone who bought tickets for Delves for Donors 7 – The Lost Year Charity Raffles. We raised $1179 for HFA’s Helping Hands!! I am once again amazed at how many real life Heroes we have out there.

Here are the Heroes for this year’s Raffles

Arcknight Out of the Box Bundle – 2 Winners

  1 – Vaughn R from Maryland
  2 – David S  from Maryland

WizKids Black Dragon Bundle

   Rick D  from Pennsylvania

WizKids Fangs & Talons Bundle

   Francis F  from Florida

SkullSplitter 5 Dice set Bundle

   Jason W  from Maryland

Dandy Beyond 7 Character Journal Bundle

  Morgan C  from Georgia

and lastly,

D&D Beyond’s Legendary Bundle – 2 Winners

   1 – John S  from Maryland
   2 – Harley P  from Canada

Congraulations to all of our winners and we look forward to having more Amazing Raffles for you again next year for Delves for Donors 8.

The Spirits have been through much in this last year, lost you could say. Still they had enough magic left in them to cast one more spell upon this world.

Cast out to the farthest reaches of the land, it calls forth Heroes that even in these hard times are willing to help those needing a Helping Hand.

As one who has come to this page, YOU are one of those Heroes. Being such, I welcome you and offer up the following amazing treasures that you can try to claim.

Though before you go any further let me give you a few rules by which you must follow to gaze upon these treasures.

1- All tickets are $1.00 USD. Tickets must be purchased to win, We are raising funds for a charity after all.

2-Some of the raffles will be for Digital items and no physical item will be received.

3-Raffles with Physical items are open to USA only, sorry we can’t ship international at this time.

4-Raffles that are for Digital items are open to anyone. Some items may require that you have other accounts, i.e. Amazon, DriveThruRPG or D&D Beyond as these will be the point of fulfillment. For these items you do not need a paid account at these site. Your only cost will be your ticket purchases if you win.

5-All ticket sales are final as they are for charity. Please do not buy more then you can afford. Take a chance, but not at the risk of you then being the one in need.

6-All tickets are purchased through the Hemophilia Federation of America’s secure online ticket portal. All major credit cards are accepted. Sorry at this time they DO NOT accept PayPal. All charges on this site are in US Dollars. Please understand that there may be value differences if buying tickets from outside of the USA.

With these rules in mind, gaze upon what our Powerful Allies have given us as rewards for your efforts. Lets see what is here.

Click on the image of the Raffle to go to the detail page for that Raffle

Our Friends at D&D Beyond have something all Heroes looking to become Legends need…The Legendary Bundle!

Currently valued at $760 USD Click Image for Details

They have helped with our Goodie Bags in past years, now see how they step up in a big way to jump into our Raffles

A $230+ value Click on image for more details

Coming back to once again fill your pouch with the sound of clinking…Dice Clinking that is, it’s Skullsplitter Dice!

Bundle valued @ $120+ Click image for more info

They have helped us out with our Raffles and Goodie Bags in the past years, well they are not about to let us down. Check out these pre-painted pretties.

This and more for $125+ value Click image for more info
This and more for $175+ value. Click for image more info

New to our team of Sponsors, but not to the D&D community. Dandy Beyond is delivering big.

A $70+ value. Click the image for more info

Raffles run from 12pm EST(US Time Zone) Friday February 12, 2021 to 12pm EST(US Time Zone) Saturday March 13, 2021. All drawings will occur after sales of tickets close and winners will be notified right after on March 13, 2021.

A bit more about Delves for Donors 7

This year we are trying something new with our Raffles and taking them online. As we can’t have our in person event we are still trying to raise much needed funds for our Charity, Hemophilia Federation of America’s Helping Hands Program.

All of the Raffles will have a Randomly picked winner from all tickets purchased. Each ticket has a unique number that is tied to you when you purchase it.

Some of the Raffles will have two winners, you can not win both. Sorry all multi-prize Raffles will have unique winners of each to help spread the amazing items around to all of you amazing Gamers.

All Raffles that have a physical prize are ONLY open to the USA. Sorry, but at this time we are not set up to ship internationally. If this goes really well maybe next year? We are looking into the whole legal side of it. The only exception is for Dandy Beyond’s Raffle. This Raffle has a limited International delivery option, see Raffle page for more.

Some of our Raffles are for Digital items. These are open to all, as long as you can get access to the required websites that will act as the fulfillment site. D&D Beyond, Amazon and DriveThruRPG mainly. You don’t need to have a paid service with any of these, just an account that you can use to redeem the codes we will send out.

Also when using HFA’s secure ticket website, we will need some info from you. Name, phone number, email and address. This is for contacting you if you win as well as for legal reasons to verify you when using your credit card to buy your tickets. To be clear, I don’t see your credit card info, only the Secure site sees that. They send me the ticket info and your contact info only so that we can pull all the winners.

Thank you to all of you, the Heroes of the day. While we play heroes on the table during a game of D&D, this is you being one in the real world. From all the families that have been helped with funds from the last 6 Delves for Donors, A Big Thank You to All My Players.