ArcKnight Out of the Box Bundle – USA ONLY Raffle

Welcome to a DM’s new best friend, ArcKnight’s Out of the Box – Hardbound Support Bundle

Please note that this Raffle has a Physical reward and is only open to USA due to shipping limitations.

What’s in this Bundle you ask? Let’s take a look…

This is a combination of 2 items, the Hardbound Book from Nerdarchy, and a ArcKnight Hardbound Support bundle. This massive kit includes:

  • Out of the Box – Encounters for 5th Edition, Hardbound book
  • 168 Flat Plastic Miniatures
  • 24 Standard & Custom Mini Bases
  • 46 Maps
  • 80 Die-Cut Object Overlays

168 Flat Plastic Minis
3 Full Pages of Miniatures, with 1″, 2″, 3″ bases, flying bases, double-slotted bases. Includes many unique and never before seen pieces made specifically for these adventures.

80 Transparent Objects
Flexible, Flat, Transparent Polycarbonate, printed with double-sided art and die-cut. These Objects are INCREDIBLE and the first taste of this exciting new format. They lay seamlessly on maps, and create variation, such as gates, broken walls, traps, pits, and with a transparent edge they all BLEND right into the map!

46 Maps
Some of the best maps we’ve ever created, including ships, taverns, farms, dark forests, many new dungeon tiles, a 2-deck airship, swamps, tundra, and more. Pages are Double-sided, printed on thick card stock and laminated; wet and dry erasable. With some pages cut down into smaller “Map Cards” to increase their utility and allow them to modularly tile in new ways. Comes with a plastic protective case.

Out of the Box – Encounters for 5th Edition, Hardbound book is a collection of 55 ready to drop in one shot scenarios. The ArcKnight Hardbound Support gives you all the miniatures and maps needed to play all 55 scenarios included in the Out of the Box – Encounters hardbound.

So with all of that, how can we make it even better?? How about all of the ArcKnight items as VTT as well!!! That’s right, no matter whether your game is at a table or a virtual one, this Bundle has you covered.

In order to get your VTT items, you will need an account with to redeem the code for the free download. The code will be emailed to the winner.

Okay, so is there anyway I can make this Raffle any better?? YES, We will be picking TWO Winners!!! That’s right ArcKnight has given us two of these to put up for Raffle. We will be drawing TWO UNIQUE Winners

All of this could be yours for just $1.00 a chance. Click on the image above or HERE to go to the Ticket page.

Raffles run from 12pm EST(US Time Zone) Friday February 12, 2021 through 12pm EST(US Time Zone) Saturday March 13, 2021. All drawings will occur after sales of tickets close and winners will be notified right after on March 13, 2021.

Due to the fact that this Raffle has a Physical Reward, it is ONLY OPEN to the USA!