SkullSplitter Dice Bundle – USA ONLY Raffle

SkullSplitter Dice has you covered when it comes to the “Need to Roll” fidgets while waiting for your next game. In this bundle you will find FIVE sets of dice to help your characters win the day and make for the stories we tell for years to come.

Please note that this Raffle has a Physical reward and is only open to USA due to shipping limits.

Everything you see in the above pic (except my table) is yours, even the “dice bag”. Also fear not, I did not touch any of the dice to get this pic. The business card was used to coax them in and out of the bags. But you ask what’s in the boxes, well those are your two factory sealed sets of metal dice. But what do they look like?!? Look below to see…

This 7-die set will last you for years of gaming adventures. With its attractive and protective case, these are road ready.

The other set? Well this one is will give you the sense of having the wisdom of the ages, Antique Brass 7-die set

Dwarven Axes guard this treasure for you between games so rest easy knowing they are safe.

And for the other sets? Well all three are from one of SkullSplitter Dice’s recent Kickstarters. All are the 11-die sets First up is…

Next up is..

And for your consideration…

All of this could be yours for just $1.00 a chance. Click on any of the images above or HERE to go to the Ticket page.

Raffles run from 12pm EST(US Time Zone) Friday February 12, 2021 through 12pm EST(US Time Zone) Saturday March 13, 2021. All drawings will occur after sales of tickets close and winners will be notified right after on March 13, 2021.

Due to the fact that this Raffle has a Physical Reward, it is ONLY OPEN to the USA!