Raffles for Delves for Donors 3

Welcome to our Raffles page.  Take a peek at some of the Gaming Goodness you will have a chance to win.  Tickets are available only at Critical Hit Games starting February 20, 2017.  For just $1.00 per chance you can put as many tickets as you like on any item.

We will be drawing Raffles after each Delve with the Final Draw just before our Last Delve of the day.  You need not be present to win, we’ll hold them for you.  When you buy a ticket just fill in your name and a phone number where we can contact you.

And don’t worry if you didn’t win one of the listed Raffles, New this year we will have Second Chance Drawings.  After all listed Raffles are pulled, all the tickets go together and we will pull winners for some goodies we are holding in reserve.

Only rule is, if you already won a listed Raffle – you can’t win in the Second Chance Raffles.  We’ve got to spread the loot to the whole party.

One last request from some of our Sponsors.  They would like a picture of you and your Raffle.  A Small thing for some really Big prizes.