Delves for Donors 4

The call went out for Heroes and that’s what we got!  Thank you all for once again pushing us to new heights.

This year we soared past last year’s total to a new high, $1156 !! 


Whit Bottiger (on left), owner of Critical Hit Games and Shawn Nease of Delves for Donors with this years scroll check.

I want to thank all of our Sponsors, we could not have done so well with out your amazing support. Thank you again for all you gave, it made the difference in what we can now give.


Also take a moment and look over this year’s Photo Galleries!  A lot of people having a lot of fun all for a Great Cause. 


So closes the tales from another year.  Villains were defeated, Towns were saved, Funds were raised and All around had a great time.  I would only ask that you Heroes travel not so far, beaten Foes seem to have a way of turning up again.

Delves for Donors 4 – Rise of the Blood War

March 10, 2018

Well Met adventurers.  It would seem that your past Deeds have been noticed.  It was a challenge call across the Planes and some have answered the call.  Take heed of my words, the Evils that walk dark places seek a worthy Opponent.

 Will that be you?

Here is how you can prove it.  In January sign ups will open for those Brave enough to step forward.  Put your coin down and pick up your dice once more.  Dare to hope that Lady Luck walks on your side and not swayed to watch from the sidelines.

Get yourself Prepared!!



 On February 12th Ticket sales started for this year’s Raffle, have a look at some of the items that were won by clicking here.

Please Note that all Raffles are over for this year and have found their way to their winners.  Thank you again for your donations and keep on the look out for next year’s Raffles.


Well it would seem you all have help once again this year.  To aid you in your Trials you have,

Sponsors Extraordinaire Once More!!

This year New and Returning Sponsors are there to aid you in your efforts to turn aside the Evils and Help HFA’s Great Deeds.


Once More They Thank You all for your Heroics

HFA’s Helping Hands Program


After the display of Heroics and Bravery last year, our Host location has gladly offered his Arena once more


This year a New Sponsor has been attracted by the Deeds you all have done

ArcKnight – Minis, Scenery and More


So inspired by your Heroics of this past Delve,  Skullsplitter Dice have returned to aid you all in your Quest

Be the Envy of your Party

They have gathered their power and once again have offered to help in your Quest against the Dark forces

Dice for the Adventurer in You


A new Sponsor has heard your call.   New to the Delves with the Flash of  Old School


From across the land yet another great company has stepped forth to Sponsor your mighty Quest

Great Games for Young and Old alike


Heroes like you are bound to attract attention and so New eyes now watch your deeds.  Welcome yet another New Sponsor

The Golem’s got your back


An Adventure won’t last long if the Party falls to the lack of Provisions.  With that let us welcome our new Sponsor to heed your calls


Another returning Sponsor has rallied again to support all you Heroes do

It is never to late to see a worthy cause and thus we add another Sponsor to our list.  Let us welcome them to the group

When asked to lend a hand for you amazing heroes, they accepted once more and so I am pleased to count them as Sponsors again

Aberdeen, MD Store #6643