Delves for Donors 5- Blood Rites

Delves for Donors – 5 – Blood Rites

Saturday March 16, 2019

Will be a date that we at 

Delves for Donors will never forget

This was our 5th year and we sold out seats in just 2 & 1/2 weeks!!

We held our first Delve at a gaming convention, GAD-Con 2019.

And we broke our Highest Total yet again, This year with our Heroes help we raised $1625 for HFA’s Helping Hands!!!

How could we even get better then that? With this year’s amazing total we reached an even bigger Milestone, In 5 years we have now raised $5050 for HFA!!!!

When I asked for Heroes 5 years ago, I never dreamed so many amazing ones would answer my humble call. You all have truly blown me away with your willingness to give.

I don’t think I could have ever come up with a better logo for Delves for Donors,

Where Players Helping Others is the Real Treasure.

With that said, We will be back next year for sure. So once again Thank You and see for…

Delves for Donors – 6 – Mixed Bloodlines 


The Photo Gallery is now up and ready for your viewing pleasure!

Don’t forget to check out our Raffles though, we had Ten for this year.  Head over to our Raffle Page for all the goodness that everyone took chances on!

* * * SPONSOR ZONE * * *

The call has gone out and there are those that will stand with you.  Once again amazing Sponsors have stepped forward to aid you along your journeys to stop the Blood Rites before they have a chance to take hold.

With A Big Thank You, Let Me Welcome Back Our Returning Sponsors

  SkullSplitter Dice

PolyHero Dice


Goodman Games

Once more offering up their Halls of Gaming to allow us to face down the Dark forces

Critical Hit Games

And from the foggy coast, from those places where whispers of things in the deep are heard, comes a New Sponsor

Chaosium Inc.

 Again your past deeds have drawn back another sponsor to aid in your future deeds. Welcome back,


Your deeds have been heard far and wide. And because of that, another new sponsor pledges their help to you, Welcome

Gate Keeper Games

Your deeds of last year have brought them back once more to help. Welcome back

Wyrmwood Gaming

Stepping back up to the front lines with you to offer his help once again, Fowers Games!

Folks, your deeds have been told of and yet another New Sponsor has stepped forward to honor you, WizKids!!

Returning again this year to help keep our Heroes fed,

Let us not forget the sponsor who has been there for us and puts our ink to paper,


And a new Sponsor tying up the last of our list is,

Leigh Armentrout Crafts

Can be found at