Who are We Helping?

This is the Real reason that Delves for Donors exist.  HFA‘s Helping Hands Program was created to help families in the Bleeding Disorder community in their times of need.

That need could be something small like making sure their son has an updated Medic Alert bracelet.  Or it could be something more urgent, like paying a month’s rent so a family doesn’t lose their home.

This program is not just about hand outs.  All request are looked at to determine the level of need and families can only apply once per year.  Helping Hands is about making sure that living with a Bleeding Disorder is only a Part of your life, not controlling it.

Why would I choose this Charity to benefit from Delves for Donors?  A few years back I was one of those families that needed a Helping Hand.  A change in job at the same time as a hospital stay put us in a tight spot.  Helping Hands covered our mortgage that month so that we could cover the rest of our bills.  With just that one bit of help, nothing was late, overdue or missed.

When the weight of something like a child in the hospital with a Hemophilia related injury, the last thing you are needing to be worried about is paying the bills.  Your focus needs to be making sure he is getting the best care and to have the thoughts of “am I going to miss a payment?” can cloud that focus.

Helping Hands does not ask for repayment.  Being on the end that got the Help, that was not an option for me.  It took me a few years, but when the idea of Delves for Donors came to me I knew I had found my way.

After having already raised the amount that they helped me with, I am now paying it forward.  With the help of Gamers like you, we can make sure the Help is there when needed.

That’s also why our motto is “Gamers Helping others is the Real Treasure”.                                                             Thank you for being the Heroes, In Game and Out.

Shawn Nease – Founder – Delves for Donors


I wanted to add a bit of an update here.  April 2017 I was able to attend the HFA yearly Symposium.  During the event I was honored with the Circle of Friends award for my Fundraising efforts.

While there I was asked to just say a few words about my event and how even through small donations you can make a Big difference.  I was able to present to HFA the last 3 Delves for Donors Novelty Checks along with Delves for Donors 3 real check.

To date Delves for Donors has raised $2269.00 for HFA’s Helping Hands.

Though I put time and effort into the Delves, it is you the Players and Sponsors, that have made this all happen.  Thank you all from the bottom of my Heart.

Kimberly Haugstad (right) President & CEO of HFA with Shawn Nease founder of Delves for Donors as he presents Novelty Checks of all 3 Delves.